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LOOPY I just joined this board to find help for my daughter, who at 28 (and now pregnant) has had foot drop for 1 year this month. SHE had NO surgery, and that is the most common cause of foot drop, or some injury trama to the leg/knee or back. She's had none she is aware of. Her foot started flapping one day she noticed it walking. about the same period, she started having hip pain. Doctor MRI'd and CT scanned, sent her to an orthopedic specialist who put her on prednisone for 3 weeks.
Do not post on the board to the moderator.
Or, she is terrified of what they might find, so prefers not to go.
There will come a point when your daughter is going to start asking questions about your ex, and this is the time where you will have a hard choice to make. My daughter started asking questions at about 8. At that time, I had to tread very lightly because she was too young to know a lot of the situation between my ex and me, and I still didn't feel comfortable telling her some things. As she got older, I started being more open with her but only with details that she was able to proccess at her age. As I said before, she is 17 and she knows quite a bit about why her father and I aren't together, but I still haven't told her everything. I'm not sure I'll ever tell her about the physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse he put me through. He never abused her, but he really was a terrible person to me. It was awful.

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