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There are also other possible causes.
Biopsy is an easy procedure done with localized anaesthesia on an out-patient basis. Surely it should be done in reliable institutions to avoid any infection.
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I too have heard conflicting views on the issue which is why I asked the doctor. He ended up giving me a book called; Planning Your Pregnancy and Birth Third Addition. There are 7 doctors involved in the researching and writing process and it is written by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It states in this book that, "many women worry about hair coloring during pregnancy because they fear the dye may be potentially harmful to their baby, however hair dyes are most likely safe during pregnancy. Beware, pregnancy changes hormone levels so the hair color may not come out as expected". In my opinion it is really up to the individual to decide what is right for them during pregnancy, some may decide that they want to continue on with coloring their hair, whilst others may feel it better to lay off it for a while. I tend to do mine every couple of months and I can totaly see your point in easing up on it JM! Once we have our little ones, having an hour or two to spend in the salon is not going to be as practical as it is now!

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